Born and bred in East Sutherland, Scotland, Robert Aitken grew up with music in the blood from early age traversing the globe sharing his music whilst representing his Country. His observations during his international travels, as an ambassadorial musician throughout the 1990s, has since led him on a journey to re-connect the musical heritage of peoples with the cultural stories in local communities.

An innovative composer Robert is hugely eclectic in influences as is evident in The Tent (WW1 exhibition centrepiece) and Kildonan (soundtrack exploring the effects of the Scottish Highland Clearances) with US Emmy Award Winning director Guy Perrotta. Robert uses an array of amassed learnt approaches and techniques - from traditional to contemporary and classical to rhythm & bass; all utilising the latest in music technology in creation to which he also produces his own unique brand of music.

Robert has developed his own philosophy for creating and educating on music and related digital media. Through this and his work as a composer he sees creativity as a wonderful source code to inspire his own pieces and help bring about remarkable outcomes in others. As director of Piping Arts Limited Robert is also involved with driving wider music education projects and creating event & training opportunities. ‘Music Without Bars’ sees Robert share his unique talents where the benefits of his music and digital technology skills are offered for everyone in either education and professional spheres.

As a music director Robert works on arts & cultural projects, such as Scotland’s Homecoming Celebrations, Fulda Tattoo in Germany, Scotland's Clearances Trail, the recent House of Lennox exhibition and music programmer for numerous major events, which show a varied approach that is in much demand at home and abroad.

Sample of participant based projects

Aberdeen, My Place In The Natural World:

Schools digital film project

House of Lennox:

Education project exploring the music of Annie Lennox

Scales, Sails & Surf:

Music project exploring the Pentland Firth, Caithness

Sea of Souls:

Music project examining the North Sea

Aberdeen Foyer:

Beat and rhythm workshops

Music and sound design schools project

Traditional music project workshops and show
Arts Across Learning Festival:

Marching Beats based rhythm sessions

Sample of commission based projects

Working Life to War Life:

Compose and produce music for new WWI exhibition

Voices Over the Water:

Production music for US docu-drama
Scotland’s Homecoming Celebrations:

Composition for Traditional ensemble

Scotland Clearances Trail:

Smartphone App. music and sound design

Fulda Military Tattoo, Germany:

Music director and advisor

Scotland’s Homecoming Celebrations:

Music composition for Traditional ensemble

Scotland’s Tartan Day Celebrations:

Music manager and stage coordinator

Sound Festival:

Premier of new music compositions

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Robert Aitken is a composer and independent new media producer and director of cultural projects at home and abroad. He specialises in communicating the unknown or lost social stories of peoples and their plight over the years to present day. He has worked with Emmy® Award winning director, Guy Perrotta, on his planned US national TV broadcast of ‘Voices Over The Water’ and is composer on Working Life to War Life, featuring The Tent. His soundtrack to the Highland Clearances, Kildonan, features newly composed and arranged pieces inspired by the launch of Scotland’s Clearances Trail. Robert also is developing a series of short filmic, sonic and musically scored episodes pertaining to the Scottish Diaspora.

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